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The summer slump is a myth, at least in marketing. Because it is precisely in the summer months that B2B companies have the chance to present content for which there is little room during the rest of the year, but whose impact you should not do without.

In the past, the summer slump was often accepted as a marketing standstill, a time when companies pulled back. But in reality, summer offers tremendous opportunities in B2B. User behaviour is constantly changing in our connected world - interest in content doesn't decrease, it just shifts. For example, Facebook sees up to 1.2 times more photo uploads in the summer months than in other seasons, and Instagram is at its best during the summer.

The summer months should therefore be seen as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and offer something different to your target groups. Here are some tips to make the most of the summer time for your B2B marketing to use:


Market analysis and strategy adjustment


Summer offers an excellent opportunity to calmly evaluate previous marketing strategies and adjust them for the second half of the year. Perhaps there were trends that you have overlooked so far, or certain approaches were less successful than you had hoped. Take the time to rethink these things and optimise your strategy accordingly.

Now is also an opportunity to conduct market research to better understand the needs and expectations of your customers. These insights can also be incorporated into the strategy.


Reverse seasonality and create thematic links to summer


Many companies reduce their marketing activities in the summer. Do the opposite. When the competition is resting, take advantage of the Chance to highlight your brand and messages. You will attract more attention when fewer companies are active. Also remember to use channels that your customers use privately. If there is silence on LinkedIn, people like to post holiday photos and follow news on Facebook or Instagram.

And this is precisely where the opportunity lies to consider summer as your ally and to use it thematically. Because every company, every product and every service has a Thematic reference to the summer. For example, if you make air conditioners, it will be easy to connect to summer.

If you offer IT services, you can create relevant content that shows how high temperatures can affect IT infrastructure. It may also be the right time to launch a summer competition. Take advantage of the seasonal mood and use the summer slump to your advantage!


Content Marketing in Summer: Prepare, Refresh and Advance


See a quiet summer as the opportunity to prepare for more hectic Preparing for the times of the second half of the year. Do thorough research, plan and create content that you can publish during the busier months.

Prepare content in the summer for important events in autumn, Black Friday or Christmas promotions. For planned activities, you can already prepare the appropriate content and Graphics create. You will be grateful for your groundwork when autumn comes and the pace of business picks up again.

At the same time, the summer offers a unique chance to get your Refresh content and bring in a summery touch. Use the relaxed mood of the season and create light, appealing content for your target groups. The content should be easy to consume and rather visually staged. Appealing infographics or a short Video are better received than long texts.

Maybe you could do a series of "Summer Insights"How about a virtual summer festival webinar that combines playful elements with useful industry information? Or how about a virtual summer festival webinar that combines playful elements with useful industry information?

Also make use of the time, Produce evergreen content or revise. This content remains relevant over time and can be used and shared again and again. Evergreen content for B2B that can be created in summer is for example:

  • Blog article with best practices or tips and tricks
  • Instructions, how-to-guides and problem solutions
  • Infographics to present complex information in a comprehensible way
  • Tutorial videos or Webinars on topics that are always of interest to your customers

So take advantage of the summer to get your Content marketing strategically with high-quality content and take it to the next level.


Don't pause your email marketing


People check their work emails even when they are on holiday. Open rates do not drop significantly in the summer. So work with email marketing in summer too, but keep a few things in mind to make messages even more effective:

  • Optimisation for mobileMany recipients read your mails on mobile devices because they are often on the move. Ensure a good user experience here.
  • Adaptation to the summer atmosphere: by referring to summer activities, seasonal offers or industry events.
  • Personal touch: People are often more relaxed in summer. Therefore, communication can also be more relaxed. For example, a personal note from the CEO or team photos.
  • Qualitative content: still show quality in your content. Those who have more time now also prefer to delve into valuable, useful content.
  • Clever timing: In the summer, other shipping times than usual may work better. For example, in the early evening.


B2B social media in summer: timing and more


In summer, your customers and business partners may be in a holiday mood or enjoying the longer days outdoors. But that doesn't mean they go completely offline. Use social media to reach them with appropriate content:

  • Summer related contentOffer content that fits the relaxed mood. Pick a summer theme and wrap it up with the information you'd like to convey. This can range from seasonal tips to behind-the-scenes insights into your summer business.
  • Understand and use the behaviour of your audienceUse analytics tools to better understand the behaviour of your followers. They may be active at different times than usual, for example in the early evening after work or outdoors on a summer day.
  • Promote engagementUse the relaxed atmosphere to increase interaction with your community. Invite feedback, start discussions or host an online event. Summer offers endless opportunities to trigger a positive mood in your leads and get them to give feedback.
  • Anteasteering emails and newslettersYou can tease current emails or newsletters on Facebook & Co. In the best case, your readers will not only like and share their own holiday impressions, but also your creative content.
  • Plan ahead: Prepare and schedule your social media posts for the optimal publishing time to effectively reach your target audience.
  • Stay flexible: Change your strategy quickly if necessary. Take special summer events or trends into account and adapt your content accordingly.

With these tips you can spend the summer on Social media stay active and present and reach your target group effectively, regardless of whether they are lying on the beach or sitting in the office.


Digital knows no summer break


The summer offers a perfect opportunity to get your Review and adapt the digital presence. Now you can finish projects that have been left undone or optimise the planning. In addition to content adjustments, you can also check your website for technical errors and optimise loading times and the user experience.

Renewals or the relaunch of a website are typical projects for the summer. Use this time for a comprehensive analysis of your current online presence. New texts, a changed structure or a fresh look may provide the necessary momentum for the start of the next business season.


A profound Website audit shows them where you can start.


Summertime is also the ideal time to get your Optimise online shop. Introduce new features and test them at your leisure. Focus on content and improve product descriptions, blog articles or information that can support your sales. Remember that well-written texts not only improve the findability of your website or online shop, but also bring long-term benefits and strengthen customer loyalty.

Another important aspect is the Preparation for the winter season. SEO optimisations take time to produce visible results. Therefore, start preparing your online shop for the winter and Christmas business already in the summer. This will give you a clear advantage over competitors who only react at short notice.


Event planning in summer: events and more


In summer, you can not only do preparatory work for the events in autumn, but also take advantage of the unique opportunity to reach your target group in a relaxed atmosphere. You can find suggestions here:

  • Summer networking events: Use the summer atmosphere to strengthen relationships and improve your Brand in a relaxed way.
  • Webinars and online workshops: Plan webinars or online workshops that allow your clients to participate from anywhere.
  • Planning of major events: Summer offers you the perfect opportunity to plan major events such as conferences, trade fairs or product presentations for the coming months. Use the quieter time to take care of the details that are often overlooked at the last minute.
  • Teasers and Early Bird offers: Encourage early registrations through announcements and early bird offers on your B2B social media channels.

Through a strategic Event planning in the summer, you can ensure that your B2B events run successfully and smoothly in the autumn and winter.


Conclusion on B2B marketing and advertising in summer


Summer is not a pause in B2B marketing, but an opportunity. Use the season to evaluate strategies, create innovative content and prepare for the months ahead.

By integrating the summer mood into your communication, optimising your digital presence and planning future events, you can successfully attract the attention of your target group even during the quieter period. The summer slump is a myth - make summer your marketing ally!

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