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Google is the source for over 90% of search queriesincluding those of companies. This is where B2B SEO comes into play. If you land in the top 10, your offer is relevant. But the real potential is in the top 3. To achieve that, you need to hit the search intent of your potential customers.

Your SEO specialist for B2B

The professional SEO of our agency in Vienna focuses on on SEO for manufacturing, industry, construction and building technology as well as automotive. We analyse and optimise your content or create new content that fits your business model. This way you will be found by the right people.

Our offer includes:

B2IMPACT Search Engine Optimisation Agency

Why is SEO important?

SEO advice from a professional

Our specialists have a flair for effective content marketing and work with you to develop effective and targeted SEO strategies and optimised content products.

Advantages of search engine optimisation

SEO-optimised content brings you far to the front in Google search. The right keywords are the be-all and end-all here.

SEO from your agency in Vienna:
Consulting, support and implementation

Do you want to attract the attention of potential customers with customised content or optimise your online content for better Google rankings? As your B2B SEO agency we offer Tailor-made solutions for different industries.

  • After a briefing, we develop a strategy for Top rankings on Google, from SEO texts to comprehensive content planning.
  • Our SEO specialists research suitable keywords that are integrated into professional content.

So offer potential customers exactly what they are looking for at the moment. Contact us for a consultation on Google optimisation for your websites!

Search Engine Optimisation - B2IMPACT Agency

Keyword research: Your guide to SEO success

The right keywords are the key to visible SEO success. We identify the keywords your target group uses and analyse their relevance and competition.

With these insights, topics can be found and targeted, SEO-optimised content can be created to increase your visibility.

Trust our expertise and let us do the keyword research for your B2B company to gain qualified traffic and strengthen your online presence.

SEO content creation as a service

SEO-optimised content is the core of a successful online presence. At B2Impact, we understand that it's not just about inserting keywords into a text. It's about creating high quality, relevant and engaging Create contentthat are optimised for search engines as well as for your target group.

Our SEO specialists and specialist editors work hand in hand to create content that represents your brand, appeals to your target audience and at the same time SEO Best Practices comply.

From SEO for Corporate blog postswebsite texts, Landing pages, category pages and articles through to product descriptions or guides - all of which can be we create content tailored to your specific needs and help improve your Google ranking, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately achieve your business goals.

B2B SEO: Your way to more visibility and traffic

In contrast to short-term Google Ads campaigns B2B SEO from our agency in Vienna offers long-term, organic growth. In doing so, we understand the specific challenges and requirements of the B2B market.

With our professional SEO advice and customised strategies, we identify the right keywords, optimise your website and create high-quality, search engine optimised content.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable results that strengthen your online presence and drive your business forward in the digital transformation. Rely on our SEO services and take the first step towards improved online visibility for your business.

Have a professional SEO audit carried out

A SEO Audit is the first step towards optimising your online presence. At our agency in Vienna, we conduct a thorough analysis of your website to identify areas that can be improved.

We Check technical aspects, the structure of your website, the quality of your content and the effectiveness of your keywords. With the results of the SEO audit, we create customised recommendations for action aimed at improving your performance, increasing traffic and optimising the user experience.

Your exclusive SEO guide for optimised B2B marketing

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Discover our SEO checklist developed especially for B2B managers. This compact guide offers you tried-and-tested tips and strategies to get your website to the top of the search engine results.

Benefit from in-depth insights into keyword optimisation, on-page and off-page SEO techniques, and much more. Download our free guide now and start maximising your SEO potential!

SEO in recruiting

Optimisation of job advertisements for maximum visibility

Our agency uses proven SEO techniques to optimise your career pages and job advertisements. optimised for findability in search engines design. We identify and integrate relevant keywords to optimise your position job adverts optimally in the search results. In addition, we customise your content specifically for regions with different search volumes in order to increase the local relevance to maximise.

Through appealing and informative job descriptions we increase the engagement of potential applicants and clearly emphasise important information. The aim is to effectively target both active and passive candidates, which makes the significantly increases the reach of your adverts. This makes SEO an integral part of your Employer branding.

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