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Business Storytelling: The Art of Bringing Brands to Life

Business Storytelling is more than just a trend in marketing; it is the Driving force behind the most successful brand campaigns worldwide. From Coca-Cola to Mercedes Benz, storytelling for business has enabled brands to make deeper emotional connections with their audiences.

Why is storytelling so crucial in business? Because Storytelling one of the oldest and most effective means of communication that we humans use. Without stories, the world around us would be dry and grey. For this reason, it is crucial for your success that your brand does not only consist of facts and technical processes.

Your partner for effective corporate storytelling

At B2IMPACT, your leading B2B storytelling agency, we help you to we help you develop and implement your corporate storytelling strategiesso that your brand not only informs, but also inspires.

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Why Business Storytelling?

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All aspects of your brand are important, but it's challenging to put them into an interesting, personal story. Don't worry! We will help you with it!

Advantages of B2B Storytelling

Business storytelling is much more than just a creative marketing strategy. It allows you to build a deeper connection with your audience. Why is this important? Because B2B customers are also emotionally driven

Which format for B2B storytelling?

Choose from a variety of formats to present your brand in the best possible way. Whether corporate video, blog or other content, we offer customised solutions that fit your goals exactly.

Why the format counts:

  • Effect: The right format can make the difference between a good campaign and a great one.
  • Emotional connection: A suitable format helps you to make deeper emotional connections with your audience.

Show your values with our words! We know how to make the most of your strengths. In every format, we ensure that your brand is remembered.

Let us help you connect more deeply with your audience. Contact us for Individual solutions in B2B storytelling!


Your partner for brand storytelling

In the B2B world, a strong brand is more than just a Logo or a slogan. It's a story that needs to be told. At B2IMPACT we are experts in B2B Brand Storytelling and understand the art of Storytelling in corporate identity.

We use targeted storytelling techniques to package your company's identity and values in a coherent and engaging story. This not only creates resonance, but also builds trust with your audience.

Let us help you make your brand not only visible, but memorable.

Corporate Video Storytelling

In the visual world of today, the Videos an indispensable tool for effective storytelling. Our agency offers you first-class Corporate Video Storytellingthat goes far beyond simple product videos or tutorials. We create emotional and compelling video content that authentically represents your brand and creates a deeper connection with your target audience.

Whether it's launching a new product or showcasing your corporate culture, our videos ensure that your message is not only seen, but also felt and remembered. We help you tell your story in moving images.

Digital Storytelling for Vienna and beyond

In the age of the internet, effective storytelling goes far beyond traditional media. At B2IMPACT in Vienna, we specialise in putting your brand in the spotlight just as much through diverse online strategies.

From designing a unique website, establishing storytelling on social media to implementing targeted online marketing campaigns, we offer comprehensive digital storytelling solutions.

Whether you run a blog, want to strengthen your online presence or are on social media, our storytelling expertise will ensure your message is heard and embraced far and wide.

Podcast Storytelling

Podcasts are one of the most dynamic forms of digital storytelling. Our agency understands how to harness the unique intimacy and engagement of podcasts to effectively communicate your message.

Our approach to the Podcast Storytelling goes beyond just speaking into a microphone. We create exciting stories that captivate your audience from start to finish.

From promoting a product, to showcasing your company culture, to delving deeper into industry topics, our podcasts make sure your story is heard and felt. And that it is remembered.

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Visual storytelling in B2B marketing

Enrich your B2B marketing with visual storytelling to convey complex content in a clear and appealing way. We use images, graphics and videos to make your messages memorable and create an emotional connection with your target group.

Our expertise lies in creating relevant and consistent visual content aligned with your brand strategy. Our agency has already used visual storytelling for product demos, infographics for complex data, presentations in video form and appealing Social media campaigns around. In doing so, we cater to the individual needs of our customers.

Utilise the power of visual storytelling - we will be happy to advise you!

Success Story: Business Storytelling with Synthomer

To celebrate Synthomer's 50th anniversary, we created much more than just a yearbook. Using the art of storytelling, we transformed it into a captivating "journey on the river of time", complete with a nautical theme inspired by the company's history.

This creative approach not only engaged the staff but also presented the company in a new light.

Discover how we use B2B storytelling to redefine brands and inspire employees.

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