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The corporate blog is becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector. Embedded in the strategy of the Content marketing he delivers relevant content about your business. Especially in B2B, you stand out with a blog, as not all competitors use this channel. With your company blog, you can simply make the Cover the first part of the customer journey.

What is a corporate blog?

Such a business blog offers you a publication platform that you can easily design to suit your business. You can also call the business blog an advisor or a magazine, the purpose remains the same: you want to Inspire interested parties and potential customers for your offer.

Especially with products and services in the industrial or software sector, a lot of explanation is often needed. The B2B blog offers the ideal opportunity to explain specifications and special features. Show your expertise and solution competence!

But a business blog is also suitable for presenting the company and employer branding. Become tangible!

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Why a blog in B2B?

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We have experience with corporate blogs and content marketing - we offer it to you. Let's work together to develop a successful concept to guide interested parties to your offer.

Advantages of a corporate blog

Thanks to B2B Blog, you reach customers at the very beginning of the buying process - where they are still gathering information. In this way, you manage to attract attention and gain trust. Build the next lead!

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Strategy, implementation and content for your blog

At the beginning, we determine with you what the Goals of your blog are and which Strategy is to be pursued with it. At the same time the technical possibilities evaluated integrating the corporate blog into your existing system landscape. Blog software or even your own blog functions can be integrated almost anywhere.

Now the question is, which topics you want to discuss and at what interval want to publish. Of course, this depends on the target and your business. In B2B, daily publications are not expected. However, a certain regularity looks professional. The articles should be well thought-out and offer the readers a clear added value. Show what your company has to offer and how problems can be solved!

If you do not want to bang the keys yourself, we offer you the Professional creation of B2B blog texts ideally SEO-optimised to be present in Google. In this way, we can also expand already existing blogs. Our specialist editors look forward to your order!

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