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Produce relevant, useful content

Content has become the central criterion for the entrepreneurial success of B2B companies. We design and produce content marketing campaigns and use the entire spectrum of formats from text to graphics to video in a targeted and resource-saving way. 

We combine the in-house expertise of our editors and experts, do the work for you, fit the campaign seamlessly into your marketing strategy and play out the content - either in our print or online media or on your content hub. And most importantly, we also optimise your existing content so that it performs better.

The Range of services of our content marketing agency maps every single step in the planning, production and distribution of successful content.

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Why B2B Content Marketing?

Content marketing professionals

Our 30 editors have a flair for effective B2B content marketing and will work with you to develop effective and targeted strategies and content products.

Advantages of content marketing

B2B content marketing covers a wide range of possibilities and can therefore be perfectly tailored to your target group

Digital content campaigns

From campaign design to distribution.

Content marketing turns your marketing itself into a product. Useful content is the antidote to consumers' advertising fatigue, which is often ineffective, especially in digital media. However, in order for your content to be consumed and thus create impact with your customers, it must be embedded in a holistic content marketing strategy.

The confidence of marketing experts in the effect of content marketing is justified. According to an in-house survey of 150 marketing managers from the B2B sector, more than 75 per cent of respondents think content marketing would bring them a higher ROI on their marketing budget than classic marketing measures.

Content Marketing Agency Services:

  • Concept and planning to match your marketing strategy
  • Integrated, digital campaigns
  • Journalistic work & authors
  • Content production
  • Texts, Graphics, videos, Websites, …
  • Content Distribution
  • Content audit of existing content

B2B Whitepaper Marketing

Have whitepaper created

Our agency knows how B2B lead generation via whitepapers works. Attract potential leads with relevant and high-quality content. Together with you, we develop a content concept that fits seamlessly into your content marketing strategy. Our experienced journalists will create the content you need and that will inspire your readers. The final touch is an appealing and professional graphic design.

Get white papers from our agency for the External or internal corporate communication create. We take care of research, composition, structure and Whitepaper design including proofreading. Use this long-term content tool and win new customers with the help of your B2B whitepapers.

Masterful storytelling in content marketing

Their values, our words.

As specialists for B2B trade media in industries such as logistics, automotive and construction, we know the needs of your audience. We not only deliver useful content, but also position your stories effectively in your niche.

In the digital era, content is king, but storytelling is the crown that makes it ruler. At B2Impact, we understand the symbiosis of Content marketing and storytelling. We use storytelling techniques to make your content not only informative, but also captivating and memorable.

Whether blogposts, videos or social media content, our approach to the Storytelling in content marketing ensures that your message is not only heard, but also felt and remembered. Hire us for stories that not only inform, but also convince and add value.

B2B Blog Content

Corporate blog or guidebook

In B2B marketing, good content is essential: through competent and detailed information, you generate trust among users. Experience shows that the information phase for B2B purchases lasts longer and purchase decision-makers also inform themselves in advance on the Internet. So why not provide this first-hand information on your company website? Offer Content on your offer and your company, on applications and service cases, on HR topics or events. Integrate the B2B blog into your content marketing and raise your profile.

As an agency service we offer you the Creation of professional blog content an. Our specialist authors have expertise in every B2B sector and bring even the most complex content to the point for readers. In order to be found by search engines, we garnish your articles with search engine optimisation. And we take care of the Design and technical implementation of a blog on your website, should you wish to do so.

Content Marketing meets SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for your B2B content

Search engine optimisation goes best hand-in-hand with content marketing. Together we determine what, how, where, when and to whom the content is distributed. SEO-optimised content is needed so that users also find your offer well.

We show Google what a text, image or video is about and it plays our content piece to the users who search for it. Let's create a win-win situation for both sides: Users who become potential customers and your offer.

Video content

In our world, moving images are becoming an increasingly important part of every communication mix. That's why we have built up a video team and developed video solutions that perfectly stage your message and hold the viewers' attention - from event videos to cinematic case studies or explanatory videos that are particularly effective for complex services and products.

Content Marketing Success Story: Messer

Of oxygen, special gases and lead generation
What do oxygen, specialty gases and lead generation have in common? You may be asking yourself this question now that you have read the title. The answer is quite simple: nothing at all - unless you are a professional in content marketing.

Journalistic know-how from 12 magazines

As a UNIT of WEKA Industrie Medien Verlag, the advertising agency B2IMPACT offers over 30 years of experience in B2B media. Our specialist journalists have knowledge from a wide range of sectors. We introduce you to our Know-how from industry and production, construction and building technology as well as automotive at your disposal. We prepare even the most complex topics in an exciting and appealing way for your readers. We are your ideal partner when it comes to B2B content marketing and creation. Here you will find our media portfolio. We also produce for you!

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