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Corporate media for efficient corporate communication

We produce corporate media or your magazine completely, from the idea to the print. Or we take over only those areas for which your company has no capacity itself. Our corporate publishing team will support you professionally in each of the steps you require and obtain the best prices from our printing partners.

Corporate publishing agency services for your business:

A customer magazine from the WEKA Industry Media Publishing House offers your company decisive added value. Take care of your core business. We take care of your magazine.

Best practices for your corporate publishing

Why corporate publishing?

Corporate publishing professionals

Our staff and contributing editors know what questions to ask in order to produce effective content together with you.

Advantages of corporate publishing

From the research to the GraphicWe are happy to take over all the steps up to publication for you, from editing to handling the printing.

CP Media Production

We take care of the production of your corporate media down to the last letter.

  • Editorial direction: We support you with the content of your magazine and take over editing work and final editing for you.
  • Journalistic content: You write everything about your company, we deliver professional content all around.
  • Graphic design: You supply the content, we put it into shape and take care of pre-press, e-papers and other output media.
  • Complete production: We hold an editorial conference with you and then take care of everything. You sit back and look forward to a successful product.
Corporate Publishing Media Production
Corporate publishing new concept

Redesign of corporate media

Together with you, we develop the medium that your target group consumes with enthusiasm.

  • Briefing talk: Common definition of the framework
  • Workshop: We go into closed session with all those involved in the magazine for an afternoon. At the end, we have the page line and the concept for the first issue.
  • Implementation by us: Editing and graphics work on the product in parallel
  • Presentation: We present you with a flip page zero number that gives you an impression of the finished product. product. Now you decide: "Keep it up!" (the most common case), "A little different!" (also happens sometimes) or "Back to the start!" (never happened before)
  • Production: A few weeks after final acceptance, you will receive your finished product.

Redesign of CP media

You have an established medium that you want to give fresh impetus? We analyse the existing magazine and then make suggestions for improvements.

  • Leaf review: An experienced page-turner tells you bluntly to your face: What works in your magazine,
    which stories are inviting to read and where is the writing missing the mark.
  • RedesignWe will make suggestions on how you can improve your page layout and booklet design.
  • Help with implementationWe will not leave you alone with ideas and sample pages. If you like, we can help
    Our team will help you produce your first new number - or several.
  • Review: At an agreed time, we go into a correction loop and review the new concept.
    Ideally, we measure success with dialogue elements.
Corporate Publishing Redesign
B2Impact Webcast and Webinar Marketing

Corporate Audio

Branding through acoustic branding

Our agency produces Sounds, podcasts or audio books for your unique corporate audio. The range of topics is based on your objectives and the people you want to reach.

Show Competence through expert talks from your company or Interviews with external partners. In podcasts, you can ask managers, specialists or influencers to talk to you. If required, we are also happy to take over the distribution via our media or on desired online platforms.

Corporate TV

Have Business TV produced

For your corporate video we offer different formats an: Whether expert talk, interview, training videos, HR videos or service videos, your business will be shown from its best side.

Our corporate TV offer is aimed at companies that want to reach their target groups with different offers. A video is the best way to stay in the memory and can also be Complex contents in an easily understandable form bring.

After the Film production we present you your Corporate video for corporate communication available on your own and external platforms. Publish them on your website, on social networks, in blogs or newsletters. You can also book distribution via WEKA Industry Media. Our agency will advise you on the various Business TV contents.

B2IMPACT Video production with high-end technology
Corporate Publishing Product Streamline

Corporate publishing using the example of StromLinie

The corporate magazine on the energy transition in a new look

The power lies in the niche. As a unit of a publishing house that publishes printed and digital trade media for the logistics, automotive, construction & building and industry sectors, we know about the content needs of a B2B audience that expects usefulness and orientation from texts. Positioning good stories in thematic niches is our job - and your added value when you commission us to create effective stories.

At the beginning of 2020, we, WEKA Industrie Medien, were awarded the contract for the relaunch of the print title "StromLinie" thanks to a fresh, "magazine-heavy" concept. Already since 1993 Austria's energy through the magazine, informs its stakeholders about hot topics related to the country's energy industry. The strength of the magazine's content was now to be expressed visually through a fresh coat of paint.

2022 we were awarded the trade magazine StromLinie Winner of the Austrian Magazine Award 2022 in the Corporate Publishing category.

Corporate publishing from our advertising agency for your business

Professional and expert

Over 30 years of experience with B2B magazines of various kinds make us the ideal partner for your corporate publishing project.

Our knowledge from the capital goods industry and our journalistic know-how enable us to deal with even the most complex topics for your readers in an exciting way.

In other words, we come from the industry. We know the industry. We speak the language of industry. In short: we are industry.

Powerful and innovative

We see ourselves as a full-service provider. This means that we think of everything for you: from the Analysis the target group about the Concept of the medium to the Production.

Depending on the requirement, we take on also subtasks such as editing and proofreading, address management or advice on printing.

At to win new readersyour magazine can also be included in all WEKA Industrie Medien Verlag publications or realised in the form of a digital app.

Promoting and advising

Our Knowledge in the field of B2B journalism we are happy to pass on to you.

In Workshops we analyse existing magazines, start a joint redesign and develop new approaches to topics.

At Seminars your staff will learn from our experienced page-makers how a magazine is conceived, journalistically prepared and perfectly organised. This increases the attractiveness of your messages - and keeps internal processes lean.

Your contact persons for corporate publishing

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