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Maximise your online success: performance marketing from Vienna

B2B Performance Marketing gives your company the decisive digital edge. And it does so where most customer journeys simply begin today: in search engines and social media. As an agency for performance marketing in Austria, we at B2IMPACT offer customised solutions to put your company in the spotlight online.

Our approach focuses on increasing your online presence and performance. We address challenges such as low visibility and low interaction rates by specifically positioning your content in search engines and social media.

Performance marketing helps you to stand out with your content at the right moment and on the right platform, but it is also time and resource intensive. Our agency professionals add performance marketing seamlessly into your existing marketing mix. Take the success of your company into your own hands and get your customised offer from us!

Our agency services include

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Why B2B Performance Marketing?

Performance professionals

With our digital know-how, we ensure that your target market finds you, prefers you to your competitors and recommends you to other customers.

Advantages of performance marketing

Content marketing encompasses a wide range of possibilities and can therefore be perfectly tailored to your target group

Maximum performance through top landing pages

The common thread of marketing performance

Performance marketing via Google Ads or social media campaigns are more successful with a customised landing page. Used correctly, it is a conversion booster with the goal of sales, leads or direct contact. Perfectly coordinated with an online campaign, conversions skyrocket.

With B2IMPACT, you not only get powerful campaigns, but also landing pages that inspire users. The focus is on your offer. Achieve maximum attention and the desired conversion rate.

SEA Marketing

Search Engine Advertising for B2B

You want campaigns whose costs can be planned and data can be evaluated well? With SEA marketing you get fast results with low wastage. Make your offer or your brand visible with a search engine advertising campaign.

The paid text ads in Google's search results pages appear unobtrusive, but meet the current interests of users. We plan, design and optimise Google Ads for your business. Reach the desired target group at exactly the right time and place with these SEA campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

From content to performance

Why do B2B companies use social media? Because their customers are also active on social media platforms. With tailored content, you can easily and cost-effectively reach your target audience, share your values with them and increase awareness of your company. You also expand your brand reach and increase website visits - because a large part of your traffic comes from these very platforms.

Social media marketing enables you to find new business customers, build a long-term and solid relationship with them and ensure support for them at all times. And not only that - thanks to social networks you can identify your target group, understand their needs and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Social media platforms are such a powerful tool for lead nurturing that they are even embedded in CRM software. Because of its many benefits, social media marketing should be at the heart of your marketing strategy and used in coordination with other marketing efforts. And that's what we are here for!

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