B2B Marketing Mix

Comprehensive B2B marketing services for your success

In the dynamic B2B marketing landscape, a versatile and integrated strategy is the key to success. Our agency offers further Specific marketing services for the perfect mix to:

  • Graphic design
  • Pharma Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Employer Branding

With a deep understanding of B2B marketing and customised solutions, we not only strengthen your content, but your entire marketing strategy.

We cover every single step - from the Planning, production and distribution successful content. The aim is to make your brand visible and reach your target group effectively.

B2IMPACT Other services

Graphic Design

Design and creativity are the language that is immediately understood. They are your customers' first POINT OF CONVICTION with your brand. In a world of communicative abundance, it is the DETAILS that grab our attention.

Pharma Marketing

Content marketing turns your marketing itself into a product. Useful content is the antidote to consumers' advertising fatigue, which is often ineffective, especially in digital media. The confidence of marketing experts in the effect of content marketing certainly seems to be high. According to a recently published survey by our company among 150 marketing managers from the B2B sector, more than 75 per cent of the respondents believe that content marketing would bring them a higher ROI on their marketing budget than classic marketing measures.

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Event Marketing

In our world, moving images are becoming an increasingly important part of every communication mix. That's why we have built up a video team and developed video solutions that perfectly stage your message and hold the viewers' attention - from event videos to cinematic case studies or explanatory videos that are particularly effective for complex services and products.

Employer Branding

Present your company as a top employer, using the full spectrum of possibilities to highlight and push your company. Whether it's a digital campaign, video or employee magazine, we can help you recruit the top talent in the job market.
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