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With Search Engine Advertising (SEA), you place ads in the results pages of Google or other search engines. If potential customers search for certain terms, they will find your customised advertisement. Prominently placed, it appears as one of the top results for a search query. Leads are guaranteed.

In B2B, too, research begins with an online search. With your Google Ads ad, potential customers are addressed at the right time. Enquiries or purchases are precisely tracked and compared to the costs of the SEA campaign. See Success in numbers.

The B2IMPACT advertising agency creates successful Google Ads campaigns. To do this, we analyse your competition, research keywords and create ads. With your offer, we dominate the Google ad list.

B2IMPACT Search Engine Advertising

Why Search Engine Advertising?

Google Advertising Professionals

Our digital specialists have a flair for effective content marketing and work with you to develop effective and targeted strategies and Google Ads campaigns.

SEA advantages for your offer

As part of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising brings the right offers directly to customers.

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Use budget without wastage


Advertise with Google Ads, address the right target groups and make maximum use of your budget. Whether in Vienna, Graz or Innsbruck, our B2B agency supports you locally, nationally or globally. We can plan your SEA measures from scratch or work with existing Google Ads accounts.

Together we develop a strategy for your offer to attract potential buyers or enquiries to your product or service. Gain traffic, conversions, awareness and leads with our ads campaigns. By delivering value to active searchers at the right time and in the right channel, SEA is one of the most effective ways to reach them. indispensable tool of inbound marketing - together with a custom-fit Landing page.

But SEA is not only good for short-term campaigns. With search engine advertising, you generally push your B2B business until your long-term SEO measures Reach. Cover both organic and paid results. Show interested parties a high degree of relevance. SEA is flexible and quickly ready for use. let's get started right away!

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