Employer Branding

Present yourself from your best side

Employer branding strategies: Win the battle for top talent

The current shortage of skilled labour is giving employer branding a whole new meaning. Employers are competing for the best employees, because the best employees drive a company forward and bring the best performance to light.

Innovative strategies for recruiting skilled labour: Creative solutions are needed to survive in the highly competitive labour market. It's about exploring new avenues and approaching skilled labour effectively.

Highlight your company as a top employer outstanding - utilise the entire spectrum of marketing opportunities:

  • Use of digital campaigns
  • Creation of appealing videos
  • Publication of employee magazines

We support you in presenting your company in the best possible way and attracting the best talent.

B2IMPACT Employer Branding

Why employer branding?

Branding professionals

Our employees have a feel for effective employer branding and will work with you to develop effective and targeted strategies and content products.

Advantages of employer branding

Employer branding encompasses a wide range of possibilities and can therefore be perfectly tailored to your desired candidates

Content campaigns for HR

From campaign design to distribution - reach potential applicants

Increase your attractiveness as an employer with our customised digital campaigns. From analysing your current content to targeted distribution on social media, we offer you everything from a single source.

Our team of experienced editors and experts produces diverse formats - texts, infographics, videos - that fit perfectly into your recruiting strategy. We take the pressure off you, optimise your existing content for better performance and ensure that you attract and retain the best talent in the long term.

We provide a Effective integration and distribution of your content via our online media or your content hub and boost the performance of your existing content to increase your visibility and attractiveness as an employer. The aim is to optimise your employer branding strategy and position you as a top employer.

HR video content

HR and employer branding: videos for your company

In our world, moving images are becoming an increasingly important part of any communication mix. That's why we have built up a video team and developed video solutions that perfectly stage your message and hold the viewers' attention.

Present your company and your employees in a coordinated HR and recruiting video to reach potential applicants or support your onboarding process.

Corporate publishing for employer branding

Put your corporate news on paper.

Why corporate publishing?
  • A good magazine informs your employees about all relevant topics.
  • It strengthens and supports internal communication.
  • You communicate your messages directly to employees with a personal, creative touch.
  • We do the work and you sit back and look forward to a successful product.
Content is king
From the research to the graphics, the editing to the handling of the printing, we will gladly take over all steps up to the publication for you.
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Corporate Publishing in B2B_blog articles

Graphic design for employer branding

Recruiting material for impact and results.

Design and creativity are the language that is immediately understood. They are your applicants' first POINT OF CONVICTION with your company. In a world of communicative abundance, it is the DETAILS that grab our attention. We support you in the design and production of recruiting materials.

Your contact persons for all aspects of employer branding

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