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Designing great brands

Logo and brand design for your company

Give your company a face - we create for you High-quality logos and customised corporate design. Show what your company, your products or your services stand for.

Brand Design Gives your offer character and creates for your customers Recognition value. Logo and design are the first thing your customers come into contact with and what obviously sets you apart from the competition. And it communicates your uniqueness to the outside world.

Services for logo & branding from our agency in Vienna:

Logo and Brand Design

Why corporate design and the logo are important

Brand Design Professionals

Our agency takes over the conception, design and creation of logos, design manuals and corporate design for your business.

Advantages of Brand Design

Every successful company can be recognised by a clear brand strategy and unique visuals. We design your visual identity.

Logo design

Have a professional logo created

When it comes to the perception of a brand, the logo takes centre stage. It represents what your company or your offer stands for and differentiates you in the market. For logo design, our agency offers the following services:

  • Ideas & Concept
  • Design logo
  • Logo style guide

You don't get a second chance for a first impression. A professional logo contributes to a positive perception. Our designers create an unmistakable logo for your business that connects customers and partners with you and emotionalises them. Stand out from the crowd!

Logo development and logo design
Design Manual and Brand Style Guide

Design Manual

Brand Style Guide for your company

You want Develop a consistent brand? Then the Brand Style Guide is an essential tool. It provides the rules for branding that should be followed by designers, marketers, managers, developers and sales. This is the only way to create a consistent and unique public image of your brand.

A brand remains in the memory because its appearance is always the same. Logo, fonts, colours and imagery - all play into the hand of branding.

Our agency will create a Corporate Design Manual for your company. This corporate design manual covers the design and all elements of a brand identity. We create your manual for the use of logo, brand colours and typography as well as their areas of application (printed matter, website, packaging, outdoor advertising, etc.).

Corporate Design

Create a design for your corporate identity

For your corporate design, you want an agency that has the visual appearance of your company is realised? Whether it's the language of form, colours, typography, imagery or illustrations - our experienced Graphic designer cover All elements of the corporate design as of:

  • Business papers, e.g. stationery
  • Magazines & printed matter
  • Business cards
  • Websites & landing pages
  • Newsletter
  • Mail signatures
Corporate Design CI

Your contact person for graphic design

Picture of Nicole Fleck

Nicole Fleck

"A corporate design that has no possibilities for the influence of current trends or for a creative venture, I personally feel is weak and, unfortunately, will soon be "worn out"."

Nicole Fleck
Head of Agency Austria & Senior Art Director