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Customised B2B webinars: Increase reach, leads and interaction

Our B2B marketing agency helps you to reach your target groups via webinars, thereby increasing your conversion rates and sharpening your digital profile. With individual webinars present your expertise effectively and increase your visibility in the digital space.

In Cooperation with the magazines of the WEKA Industry Media We create customised distribution lists for youthat are perfectly tailored to your target groups. In this way, we ensure that your content arrives exactly where it will have the greatest impact.

From the Planning, creation, application through to realisation of webinars - with us you will receive a All-round package for your webinar marketing. Contact us and give your marketing a turbo boost.

Pharma Events and Webinars Agency

Why webinars and webcasts?

You want to get in touch with potential customers quickly and easily?
We offer you the right platform for this.

B2B webinar professionals

Our webinar profiles have already successfully conducted more than 60 webinars and webcasts and therefore know exactly what is important.

Advantages of our webinar services

Reach your customers or potential customers anytime, anywhere. Webinars and webcasts deliver content with added value. 

3 steps to your webinar or webcast!

Customised Webinar, Digital Masterclass or Live Webcast


  • Title, topic & content of the webinar
  • Date & time of the webinar
  • Target groups definition
  • Short CV & photo of the expert
  • Your logo


  • Creation of the landing page by us
  • Creation of communication measures by us
  • Feedback loop
  • Invitation of the target group by us
  • Implementation of the agreed communication measures by us
  • Cross-promotion through you


  • Dress rehearsal & technical training
  • Presentation materials, at least one day before the webinar
  • Implementation of YOUR WEBCAST with our support
  • Provision of the data of the registered participants
  • ADD ON: Post-promotion on request
B2Impact Webcast and Webinar Marketing

B2B webinar services

Successful webinar marketing in action: TGA Round Table

Our B2B webinar services offer far more than just the organisation of events. With our support, you not only reach relevant target groups effectively, but also promote cross-industry dialogue on current topics and industry trends.

Using the example of the "TGA Round Table 6" we show how targeted webinar marketing works. Together with TGA the current topic of resource-conserving building operation was addressed. Renowned representatives from the fields of planning, fire protection, architecture and sustainability encouraged discussion. 

Benefit from our Expertise in organisation, marketing, moderation and our B2B networkto position your company as a thought leader in your industry.

Agency streaming service

Professional streaming services for your business

Expand your reach with our streaming services from B2IMPACT and WEKA Industry Media. Whether for product presentations, corporate events or virtual events, we offer you customised solutions to spread your message effectively.

Our extensive Our services include the technical set-up and support of webinars, press conferences and online presentations. Whether in our TV studio or at a location of your choice - we will ensure that your event is professionally streamed and will delight your audience.

Maximise leads with recorded live webinars

Sustainable lead generation through webinar content

Utilise the power of live webinars and their recordings for your lead generation. Our webinar services enable you to organise live events that are not only captivating in real time, but can also be reused as valuable content resources on various channels.

This allows you to maximise your company's visibility and continuously reach new potential customers. Increase your reach and consolidate your market position with strategically placed webinar recordings.

An excellent example of effective lead generation through recorded webinars is the Video by inndata on the Whistleblower Protection Act. It is not only distributed on the company channels, but is also published on the portal of the WEKA Industry Media presented.

Webcast solutions for companies

Example of a live webcast with Tobias Ködel

Webcasts from our agency offer a dynamic platform to reach your target group far beyond the boundaries of traditional events.

Our service covers everything from the planning to the realisation of your webcast. By linking your webcast to an event name, even if the speaker is not directly on site, we create a context that increases engagement and interest.

Best practice: The webcast with Tobias Ködel, who was on stage at the Gainer Festival and also spoke about leadership in the coronavirus crisis via an online broadcast.

Use our experience with webinars and webcasts to communicate your content effectively and with maximum reach.

Your contact persons for webinars and webcasts

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