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There are only a few reliable sources on the founding date of the German Chamber of Commerce in Austria (DHK). The minutes of a meeting in Berlin mention April 1920, which is also confirmed by the Viennese magazine "Die Börse", which writes that the first foreign chamber of commerce in Austria was the German Chamber of Commerce, which was founded in the "spring of 1920".

One thing is certain and reliably documented: the German Chamber of Commerce in Vienna (DHK) has been a satisfied and loyal customer of B2IMPACT, the agency for impact and results, since 2018.

The German Chamber of Commerce in Austria (DHK) has been representing the interests of the German economy in Austria for over 100 years. The DHK is part of the network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) with over 150 locations in 93 countries.

With numerous Services It supports its approximately 1,400 member companies in their business activities and represents the leading German trade fairs in Austria. At the same time, the DHK is a service provider for domestic companies that are also active in bilateral trade.


Benefit from the knowledge and information gained through the DHK


DHK supports its member companies, for example, with market entry abroad, credit information and legal issues, finds potential business partners, checks employment contracts or takes on authorisations within the scope of the waste disposal obligation in Austria (Packaging Ordinance).

Member companies and interested parties benefit from the knowledge and information gained in numerous event formats. The range of Events ranges from member meetings, specialist presentations and expert discussions to bilateral forums. These offer a great platform for entering into dialogue with potential business partners.


Across borders: B2IMPACT as a reliable partner of DHK


The biannual magazine DHK ASPECTS is the mouthpiece of the association and currently the only print medium that deals exclusively with economic relations between Austria and Germany.

Member companies and decision-makers from politics and business in Austria and Germany receive DHK ASPEKTE free of charge. The magazine is also available free of charge from selected partners and at DHK events.

When DHK were looking for support for a visual and editorial relaunch as well as a reliable partner for graphics, editing and print processing including lettershop, they found what they were looking for in us.

Since 2018, DHK has therefore been one of the customers of WEKA Industry Media and its content marketing agency B2IMPACT. The DHK ASPEKTE magazine thus became the ideal example of successful corporate publishing in B2B.


B2IMPACT success story: DHK ASPEKTE is an additional service with added value worth reading


According to Managing Director Thomas Gindele, the collaboration with our agency B2IMPACT is "very imaginative and constructive. Open questions are clarified very quickly. The interaction between different suppliers works easily and smoothly via a cloud solution.

In particular, the graphic presentation of the "Facts, figures and data" page impresses not only the readers, but also Gindele himself time and again: "The journalistic quality of the articles that come from the WEKA authors is also worthy of mention and praise!".

The ASPEKTE magazine of the German Chamber of Commerce in Austria is very well known among its members and is a popular read. This is also confirmed by the numerous, very positive responses from member companies and partners regarding the design and content.


Success Story B2IMPACT - German Chamber of Commerce Partnership - Corporate Publishing Example
Successful example of corporate publishing: DHK ASPEKTE magazine


"For more than a third, the magazine is an additional service provided by DHK with added value that is worth reading," says Gindele. Contact persons who appear in the articles are increasingly asking for copies to use for their own PR purposes and their social media channels. Both in printed and electronic form (PDF).

Thomas Gindele would definitely recommend the B2IMPACT agency: "The collaboration has developed very well. Any problems that arise are always solved with vigour and in a solution-oriented manner. The quality of the end product has improved over the years as a result of the collaboration.


The current issue of the DHK ASPEKTE magazine is available download here.

You can find out more about our corporate publishing services here: Corporate Publishing

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