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Digitalisation in the construction industry: GlassCube improves project management and transparency


The company GlassCube has made a name for itself in the construction industry with its integrated approach to project management and reporting. Its unique "Bau-Controlling+" tool for data integration and the networking of project participants greatly improves efficiency and transparency in construction projects. This ability to significantly reduce the workload and improve the quality of information at the same time positions GlassCube as a thought leader in this field.

The partnership with our agency stemmed from GlassCube's desire to optimise their marketing activities and communicate their market offering even more clearly to relevant target groups. With a clear view of the benefits GlassCube offers, our primary goal was to increase their visibility and effectively communicate their message.

The implementation of a detailed Website audits and the development of targeted lead generation measures, including a high-quality white paper and the optimisation of a central presentation video, formed the core of our collaboration.


Lead generation using white papers - GlassCube best practice - B2IMPACT
Whitepaper on construction controlling: an efficient form of lead generation


Construction Controlling+: A new level of efficiency and transparency in project management


With "Bau-Controlling+", a management and reporting tool specially developed for the construction industry, GlassCube addresses key challenges in construction controlling. The white paper "New dimensions in construction controlling and reporting" produced by B2IMPACT highlights how this tool optimises processes, manages costs more efficiently and reduces the workload of project teams.

The integration into existing systems such as Nevaris or RIB I-Two enables a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy in construction controlling and reporting, whereby "Bau-Controlling+" sets new standards in project management.


Marketing objectives: visibility, lead generation and digital presence for GlassCube


The collaboration with GlassCube had the following objectives in the area of marketing:

  • Increased attention: In a highly competitive market, it was crucial to increase GlassCube's visibility and prominently present its innovative product range.
  • Generation of leads: To promote business growth, qualified leads should be attracted through targeted content.
  • Improving the presentation of the company on the Internet: GlassCube's digital presence was to be optimised to appeal to even more partners in the construction industry and to present the benefits of the software in a concise manner.


GlassCube - Whitepaper Application via LinkdedIn - B2IMPACT Agency
Promotion of the whitepaper via LinkedIn banner


Strategies implemented: Whitepaper, website audit and video optimisation


The following measures were implemented to achieve these goals:

  • Creation of a high-quality white paper: By developing a white paper on a topic relevant to the target group, GlassCube was able to position itself as a thought leader. The white paper served as a valuable tool for lead generation by offering interested parties in-depth insights and solutions.
  • Lead generation via specialised mediaThe whitepaper was advertised in the WEKA Industrie Medien online shop and on the online portals of the trade journals Solid and TGA in order to address relevant users and convert them into leads by requesting the whitepaper. (B2IMPACT is a UNIT of WEKA Fachmedien)
  • Carrying out a website audit with suggestions for improvement: A comprehensive audit of the GlassCube website identified key areas for improvement to optimise the user experience and increase conversion rates. The detailed recommendations provided enabled GlassCube to make targeted adjustments and strengthen their online presence.
  • Revision of the presentation video on the homepage: The existing presentation video was redesigned to immediately capture visitors' attention, clearly communicate the brand message and increase the time spent on the website.


Have a whitepaper created - Best practice - Inefficiency in construction controlling - GlassCube - Cover
Promotion of the white paper via the WEKA Industrie Medien channels


Results & successes: website optimisation, lead generation and brand strengthening


The strategically orientated measures that we implemented in collaboration with GlassCube led to tangible and measurable successes:


Best practice for digital marketing and improved user experience


The recommendations from the website audit were not only taken into account by GlassCube, but also served as the basis for the redesign of the website. The result is a more modern website that is not only visually appealing, but also improves the user journey.

This opened up new opportunities in the SEO area by increasing the potential for relevant keywords, which in turn strengthens GlassCube's online presence. At the same time, GlassCube can now emphasise its offering even more effectively thanks to the improved user guidance and presentation.


Effective lead generation through content marketing in the construction industry


The whitepaper, which was originally conceived as a tool for generating leads via trade media, has developed into an important element of GlassCube's lead generation strategy.

Proof of the high relevance and quality of the content is the fact that the planned number of leads was achieved via WEKA Industrie Medien within just two months. The white paper also serves as a lead magnet on GlassCube's website and LinkedIn account.


Video marketing for companies as a calling card for modern design


The revised presentation video has been given a prominent place on the redesigned website and does justice to GlassCube's role as a forward-looking company. It not only serves as a visual enhancement, but also increases user loyalty and supports the communication of the company's core messages.

Overall, these results show how a targeted collaboration between our agency and GlassCube not only achieves short-term marketing goals, but also helps to strengthen the brand and increase market presence in the long term.


Revision and modernisation of existing video material - B2IMPACT agency


Conclusion: Milestones achieved and future direction of GlassCube


The successful partnership with GlassCube has shown how targeted marketing strategies and the implementation of customised solutions lead to an increase in brand presence and efficiency in the lead generation process.

The redesign of the website, the targeted distribution of the high-quality white paper and the optimisation of the presentation video not only bring about current improvements, but also serve as a foundation for future marketing initiatives.

The feedback from GlassCube reinforces our image as a trustworthy partner and competent service provider for customised solutions.


"I was very satisfied with the advice, the implementation and our collaboration. As I hadn't done much marketing myself, I was very open to the professional input and the suggestions appealed to me. Thanks to the white paper, I have a new tool to generate leads. The revised video improves our image and I am happy to implement further measures with B2IMPACT in the future," says Managing Director Johann Fruhmann.


Looking ahead, it is expected that the measures implemented will help GlassCube to further expand its market position and achieve its marketing goals. We look forward to supporting GlassCube in their continued growth and in reaching new marketing heights.



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