Webinars for B2B companies: Interactive, customisable and cost-effective

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Webinars are a versatile tool and should not be missing from any marketing mix. Read here why B2B companies in particular benefit from this format.

Many areas of the Content marketing often come across to customers as a monotonous solo without an echo. Whether Blog postsvideo material or activities on social networks - the recipient can react to the offer through comments or other interactions, but there is usually no opportunity to actively shape the content.

Webinars are an exception. At these events, participants have the opportunity to intervene directly, ask questions or take part in votes. This opportunity for interaction is one of the many advantages of webinars, especially in the B2B area of content marketing.


Webinars as the key to successful B2B marketing
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What is a webinar?


A webinar, short for web seminar, is an interactive online event that makes it possible to share and acquire knowledge and information via the Internet - from the comfort of your own home or office.

Unlike traditional seminars, which require physical attendance, the webinar offers a digital platform on which participants and speakers can come together in real time, regardless of their geographical location. Experts present their expertise via video transmission. Participants have the opportunity to interact directly through questions and surveys.

The webinar is an effective tool for education and business communication as it can cover a wide range of topics while encouraging a high level of engagement and interactivity.


What types of webinars are there?


Webinars are versatile and can be designed differently depending on the objective, target group and content:

  1. Educational webinars: impart knowledge on specific topics. They are frequently used by educational institutions, online course providers and companies for the further training of their employees.
  2. Product demonstrations: Such webinars are used by companies to present new products or services, explain how they work and answer questions from potential customers.
  3. Workshops and trainings: In these events, the focus is on practical exercises and the active participation of the people involved. Such webinars are particularly suitable for technical training or the development of soft skills.
  4. Customer care webinars: are used to give existing customers tips on how to use products or services and to inform them about updates or new functions.
  5. Sales and marketing webinars: are aimed at generating leads and convincing participants of a product or service. They often include a Q&A session to address objections directly.
  6. Panel discussions: are a form of discussion in which experts are invited to shed light on different perspectives on a topic. These webinars are particularly suitable for discussing current industry trends or controversial topics.


WSEO Basics: A prime example of B2B webinars
Discover a best practice example for B2B webinars: Our SEO Basics webinar shows what effective online training looks like. This webinar not only provides in-depth SEO insights, but also demonstrates how to communicate specialised knowledge in an engaging way. A must for anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing. Take a look and be inspired!


Where are webinars used?


  • Education and training: Webinars make it possible to gain access to educational resources and further training regardless of time and place.
  • Marketing and sales: They are used for lead generation, product presentation and customer loyalty.
  • Internal training and onboarding: Companies use webinars to efficiently train employees and provide them with important information.
  • Customer support and loyalty: By providing valuable content, customer relationships can be strengthened and customer loyalty built up.
  • Market research: Interactive elements such as surveys and Q&A sessions offer the opportunity to gather valuable feedback and insights from participants.

Webinars are versatile, flexible and suitable for almost any purpose: from education and marketing to customer care.


Webinars: What are the advantages for B2B companies?


Webinars are an important factor in the marketing mix, especially for topics, products or services in the B2B sector that require explanation. They are a targeted tool for providing well-founded information and clarifying important questions. The involvement of the community is a particularly useful aspect here.

Information can be communicated to the market quickly and easily, but comprehensively and interactively. Webinars have also proven to be an instrument for Lead generation established. Other benefits include tapping into new target groups, strengthening brand awareness among existing customers and using webinars as a touchpoint with existing leads.

In addition, webinars offer content for further use on all channels - from internal communication, newsletters and websites to social media channels and social business media such as LinkedIn.


In addition to the aspects already mentioned, such as lead generation and community involvement, webinars offer B2B companies a number of other advantages:

  1. Expertise and thought leadership: By sharing knowledge, companies can position themselves as experts in their field and build thought leadership.
  2. Cost efficiency: Webinars are often more cost-effective than physical events, as travelling costs, venues and logistical effort are eliminated.
  3. Global reach: Webinars enable companies to reach an international audience without participants having to travel.
  4. Flexibility and accessibility: Recorded webinars can be accessed at any time, which increases the availability of content for the target group.
  5. Measurable success: Tracking tools and analysis functions enable companies to measure the success of their webinars and gain insights into the behaviour and preferences of their target group.
  6. Personalised content: Through segmentation, companies can create specific content for different groups within their target audience, resulting in greater relevance and a better customer experience.


B2B marketing trends 2024 - B2IMPACT
Webinars perfectly complement the recurring trend of live events and thus enable hybrid events.


A successful webinar with B2IMPACT


Our Experts at B2IMPACT have many years of experience in the organisation, support and implementation of webinars. In our own 80 square metre studio, we offer a green screen that can be individually designed and branded according to customer requirements. Numerous customers have already been impressed by the high standard of our image and sound quality.

One of these is the company LiferayLiferay is the world's leading open source digital experience platform (DXP) that helps organisations shape the future by enabling them to create, manage and scale powerful solutions on the world's most flexible digital experience platform (DXP). Liferay's open source DXP is used by more than a thousand organisations worldwide across a wide range of industries, facilitating the development of marketing and commerce websites, customer portals, intranets and much more.

In the course of researching relevant providers of webinars and events in the Austrian industry, Liferay came across our agency. With the webinar on "Process optimisation in after sales: service portals as a decisive differentiating feature", the company was able to increase the number of its leads by 43 %.


Alina Pöpel, Junior Marketing Specialist DACH at Liferay, is delighted with the excellent collaboration: "We received good support in defining the target group, and the entire setup was perfect for us."


Markus Maier, Team Leader Corporate Marketing at the company Industry ITis very satisfied: "Our webinar on the topic 'Backstage - Insights into the MES project at voestalpine Böhler Welding' was a complete success. We were able to make some new contacts and rekindle old ones. The format has the potential to be repeated. The technical preparation, the moderation, the follow-up - everything was very professional. We were well looked after."


Industrie Informatik offers software for the digitalisation of production in industrial companies. Under the generic term MES (Manufacturing Execution System), products such as plant and machine data acquisition, production planning or production-related quality assurance and processing are offered.


Conclusion: Webinars as a key strategy in B2B


Webinars are perfect for making complex topics accessible, encouraging direct interaction and building lasting customer relationships. They enable far-reaching, cost-efficient communication and are essential for generating and nurturing leads in B2B marketing.

Take the opportunity now to integrate webinars into your marketing mix and position your company as an industry expert. Get started with B2IMPACT to achieve your goals through effective webinars. Take the next step and schedule your first webinar to enrich your marketing strategy. We will be happy to advise you!

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