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Even in the world of metal technology, which is characterised by precision and the art of engineering, the eye shines in the brilliance of design. When technology and graphic design go hand in hand, precision and aesthetics are the result - and it is precisely this symbiosis that leads to success. In the following success story, we report on our collaboration with the Austrian Metal Technology Industry Association to make the industry magazine INSIDE a real eye-catcher.


Metalworking industry


The metal technology industry is Austria's strongest sector. Over 1,200 companies from the mechanical engineering, plant construction, steel construction, metal goods and foundry sectors form the backbone of Austrian industry. Every euro of added value in the metal technology industry generates another euro in the economy as a whole. In 2022, the metal technology industry generated a production value of over 49 billion euros.

More than 85 % of the export-orientated sector consists of family businesses and is responsible for a quarter of all Austrian exports. It directly employs over 137,000 people and thus indirectly secures around 300,000 jobs in Austria. Numerous companies are world market leaders in their field, so-called "hidden champions".


Technology meets design: Graphic design of an industry magazine


Austria's strongest industry also needs strong representation. The Professional association has been representing the interests and concerns of the metal technology industry and promoting its development since 1946. Since 2010, the creative agency team at B2IMPACT for the graphic design and print production of the industry magazine INSIDE.

Thanks to the attractively designed INSIDE magazine, members of the trade association receive an overview of the industry and upcoming events as well as updates on legislative changes two to four times a year. With its outstanding look and feel, the magazine shows that visual communication plays a decisive role even in the toughest, most technically demanding areas of the economy.


INSIDE - B2impact - INSIDE Member Magazine Success Story Agency


A stable B2B partnership


Thanks to the long-standing partnership with WEKA Industry Media and successful joint projects, the idea was born to create a member magazine for the industry. The marketing agency B2IMPACT from WEKA was able to take on the graphic design of the magazine and thus create a strong visual identity for the trade association.


"We needed the fast and timely realisation of a member magazine that was tailored to the interests of companies in the metal technology industry. Our positive experience with WEKA Industrie Medien and their agency B2IMPACT made it easy to find the right partner. The B2IMPACT team is fast, reliable and well-rehearsed.

Thanks to the flexibility and professionalism of the agency, every issue is a real work of art. We constantly receive positive feedback from our members about the content and layout of the magazine. The clear and good price-performance ratio as well as the very uncomplicated handling are the reasons why we are always happy to work with the B2IMPACT team," explains Martin Baminger from the trade association.


Member magazine: The benefits for the metalworking industry


The member magazine opens up a wide range of benefits that are tailored to the specific requirements and interests of members in this sector.

Firstly, the magazine acts as a valuable source of information. It provides up-to-date information on the latest developments in the industry, including industry trends, technological advances, legislation and market trends. This information is invaluable to members as it enables informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Another important aspect is the creation of networking opportunities. Through articles featuring member companies and upcoming industry events, as well as inspiring interviews, the magazine gives members the opportunity to make valuable business contacts and deepen existing relationships.

The member magazine also offers the opportunity for self-promotion. Members can proudly present their products, services and successes, which not only increases their visibility in the industry, but also helps to strengthen their market presence.


Further training and community building through the member magazine


There is also a significant focus on education and training. The magazine provides training materials, case studies and articles on new technologies and processes in the metalworking industry to ensure the continuous professional development of its members.

The magazine also promotes a sense of community. It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and the representation of common interests, which strengthens the bond between members.

Another added value is transparency and co-determination. The magazine provides information about the activities and developments of the trade association or interest group, which increases members' trust in the organisation.

Finally, the member magazine inspires and promotes innovation. By presenting new technologies, trends and innovations in the industry, it motivates members to integrate new approaches and ideas into their own business practices.


About the Metal Technology Industry Association


The Association of the Metalworking Industry, the merger of the former trade associations of the machinery and metal products industry and the foundry industry, is one of the largest business and employers' associations in Austria and is an independent organisation within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. It is committed to shaping the relevant legal and economic framework conditions in order to ensure the successful continued existence of companies in international competition.


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