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Even though SEO should be the most efficient marketing channel for B2B companies, SEO goals are too complex, costly or difficult to achieve for many marketing teams. But can a B2B company afford to do without SEO? Absolutely not!

How do I present my offer, my product and my brand in such a way that the customer finds it as a solution on the Internet? That is the eternal question of all B2B companies and the eternal answer is: SEO.

Most B2B marketers know that SEO is valuable, but are reluctant to get involved because they have time and budget constraints or simply don't know where to start.

How to design good SEO strategy for more visibility, traffic and leads and how to use it properly is the topic of this Podcast episode. Our colleague and SEO and content marketing expert, Barbara Plöchl, explains everything you need to know to achieve good rankings in Google search.


SEO for B2B companies - Workshop


But that is by far not all! Those who wanted to try out her valuable tips & tricks in practice could participate in her SEO Online Workshop participate. Further dates are again available on request.


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