Corporate Publishing Podcast: Why CP should not be missing from your B2B marketing mix!

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Corporate publishing (CP) is the supreme discipline in content marketing, especially in the B2B sector. But many companies do not recognise the enormous added value that this discipline brings for them and their customers. Daniela Purer, Head of Corporate Publishing at the agency B2IMPACT, explains in the Corporate Publishing Podcast why print products will not become extinct and why CP is an important part of the corporate culture. B2B marketing-mixes.

"Print media succeed more than any other medium in generating trust. It is a misconception that they are being displaced by online products. Digitalisation has changed our understanding of communication and advertising, but that does not mean that print is dead in quotes. These changes simply place new demands on good print media that convey a feeling of high quality and exclusivity," explains our interlocutor right at the beginning. this corporate publishing podcast.

Do you want to benefit from further advantages of Corporate Publishing and get valuable tips on how to use it properly? Then listen to our new podcast episode:

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