Virtual events: How to make your online event a success

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How can you still make online events palatable to participants after more than a year of Zoom and Co. We reveal the recipe for a successful virtual experience.

Time for a little thought experiment: What word do you associate with online events? Monotony, isolation or maybe even boredom? To some, even the provider trinity of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype may come to mind. However, virtual happenings do not always have to follow the patterns we are already all too familiar with.

A current Study on the digital meeting culture shows: More than half of the respondents consider virtual seminars or congresses to be of less or no equal value compared to face-to-face meetings. That sounds worrying for the first time. But what must be worried - as it turns out - are more traditional online conference tools. Virtual and three-dimensional worlds for digital continuing education, on the other hand, are rated very positively. Almost 80 % of the test persons would find it very good or good to move virtually through a new working environment.

Are you still zooming or are you already marketing?

Interactive, customisable online platforms such as meetyoo and 3D tours combat impending bouts of "Daily greets the (digital) groundhog" - for virtual experiencing instead of enduring. As a substitute for watching individual fellow sufferers, this alternative programme offers the refreshing opportunity to explore an online world created especially for you.

Meetyoo offers events with the live factor. Whether training courses or trade fairs, with the help of an interactive agenda, user search function and the possibility of live interaction, this tool is a real all-rounder for the digital event scene. We are also a little bit proud to distribute the software exclusively in Austria. Particularly relevant for event organisers is the detailed data analysis - keyword "transparent customer".

Keanu Reeves, as "Neo" in the blockbuster "Matrix", has to decide between a blue and a red pill - while one lets him dwell in comfortable ignorance, the other catapults him into the Matrix. (Please excuse the spoiler!) Fortunately, such a far-reaching decision is not necessary for our virtual reality brand experience. With little effort, we can create a 24/7 content platform according to your corporate design and branding. Extra goodies: Content customisation can be done on your own, embedding on your own site is possible and with the location overview map, no one gets lost either.

Ugh, one-size-fits-all!

The professional appearance of a company in general as well as at events is just as important digitally as analogue. Ultimately, the digital solution to the puzzle is not a one-size-fits-all answer, but is just as individual as each individual event. Copy and paste is a thing of the past - who wants to be the same as everyone else - it's all about create and persuade. After all, online models are likely to be with us for some time to come - you just have to know how to use them.

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