Tradition meets innovation: The success story of TRANE Switzerland

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Thanks to an effective and customised Google Ads campaign by the experts at B2IMPACT, TRANE Switzerland was able to significantly increase its web traffic and raise brand awareness.

Our cooperation with TRANE, a leading global supplier of liquid chillers, air conditioners, heat pumps and related services, proves that classic word-of-mouth marketing still carries weight in an increasingly digitalised world. According to Graziano Vitacca, Sales Leader Switzerland, instead of using Google, social media, newsletters and the like, the Swiss subsidiary learned about B2IMPACT's services from private friends and immediately arranged an initial meeting with the agency's experts.

A success story in the digital age

The company was founded in 1885 in the US state of Wisconsin by Reuben and James Trane as a plumbing and family business. Today, the company holds more than 900 US patents and serves engineers, contractors and building owners around the world in a variety of markets, including healthcare, industrial, data centre, food and beverage.

In Switzerland, TRANE was now looking for an agency with many years of experience in the areas of social media, creation of landing pages and SEA campaigns. Specifically, the aim was to increase sales in these areas. "Working with B2IMPACT was very pleasant and cooperative," says Vitacca. "We were able to increase enquiries and thus raise awareness in the market. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism of the team."

Customised Google Ads campaigns

So how did we help the company stand out from the competition and consolidate its position as the leading provider of rental refrigeration in Switzerland? By providing potential customers with a Google Ads campaign target, increase their visibility and boost website traffic.

The Google Ads campaign for TRANE Switzerland has shown that this strategy can be effective in raising awareness of their services and reaching potential clients.

TRANE Switzerland
The Google Ads campaign for TRANE Switzerland has shown that this strategy can be effective in raising awareness of their services and reaching potential clients. (PHOTO: TRANE Switzerland/Screenshot, Adobe Stock)

The advantages for TRANE Switzerland

  • Increase visibility: Through the targeted placement of ads in the Google search results, TRANE Switzerland was able to significantly increase the visibility of the company. This led to an increase in brand awareness and positive image building.
  • Targeted addressing of target groups: With Google Ads, TRANE Switzerland was able to tailor its ads exactly to the needs and interests of the target group. By selecting relevant keywords and defining specific target group criteria, it was possible to ensure that the ads were delivered to the right people with an interest in TRANE's rental refrigeration solutions.
  • Increase website traffic: The Google Ads campaign led to a significant increase in website traffic for TRANE Switzerland. Potential customers who clicked on the ads were directly redirected to relevant pages where they could find more information about the services offered. This led to a higher number of qualified leads and an increased conversion potential.
  • Measurable results and optimisation: With Google Ads, we were able to accurately measure and continuously optimise the results of the campaign. We gained detailed insights into metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversion rates and cost per conversion. By analysing this data, we were able to continuously adjust and improve the campaign to achieve the best possible results for TRANE Switzerland.

We would be happy to present our comprehensive services in the area of Google Ads to you as well and submit a customised offer. In doing so, we take into account your specific goals, target groups and budget ideas in order to develop an effective and cost-efficient campaign.

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About TRANE Switzerland

TRANE Switzerland focuses on rental products and, in addition to chillers, also offers heat pumps, ventilation and roof-top air conditioners as well as low-temperature water chillers and accessories such as buffer tanks. Its customers include numerous industrial sectors, hotels and large buildings.

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