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In order to bring new momentum to Oesterreichs Energie's research and innovation report, the B2IMPACT team ventures to relaunch it.

Every two years, the "Research and Innovation" working group of Austria's energy its own report to inform the company's stakeholders about the latest developments and projects in this area. Following the successful relaunch of the StromLinie, the "Research Report" has now also been fundamentally revised.

Research report with magazine character

The task was clear: The 28-page product was not to lose its clear report character, but it was also to contain the loosening elements of a magazine. Numerous graphics, photos and a fresh, modern design rounded off the relaunch of the Research & Innovation Report 2022. In order to achieve the usual depth of content with less volume, the texts were reduced to the essentials.

Each of the three main sections of the report is introduced by a double page with important key figures on the projects of the division presented therein, followed by an interview with the respective division spokesperson at Oesterreichs Energie. The numerous projects that Oesterreichs Energie has carried out in the field of energy research in recent years are listed afterwards. The report ends with the winners of the research awards of the past years as well as structural and organisational information.

The research report was submitted as an enclosure to the StromLinie magazine Issue 01/23, which is also published by Oesterreichs Energie.

"Innovation is one of the core topics of the energy industry - I am therefore very pleased that we have also succeeded in breaking new ground editorially and in terms of design in our research report", Barbara Schmidt, Secretary General of Oesterreichs Energie.

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