How to set up a newsroom in your company and establish a content marketing culture

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Do companies actually need newsrooms? And what effect can these newsrooms have on communication performance? Christoph Moss, founder and CEO of the newsroom agency Mediamoss, explained this in our Digital Masterclass.
And B2IMPACT agency founder Martin Schwarz has looked into the question of what structures Content marketing actually needed in a company in order to be able to have an impact. You can download the presentations of our Masterclass here free of charge.

More than a third of communications managers in German-speaking companies are dissatisfied with the engagement of other departments in the Content marketing. This is according to a 2019 study by B2IMPACT. But how do the structures in companies have to be changed in order to raise this level of commitment and, above all, to increase the understanding of the effectiveness of Content marketing in departments such as sales or R&D?

"Content marketing needs the echo chamber of one's own company. Therefore, stakeholders from other departments must be involved in a structured and well-dosed manner. Only in this way can content strategists avoid losing the lead and their scope for decision-making in communication issues," agency founder Martin Schwarz is convinced. In his presentation, he prepared very concrete recommendations for action so that cooperation in content marketing works better across departmental boundaries - and relevant topics can be filtered early on.

That's what our Digital Masterclass was all about - but above all it was about newsrooms: joining us from Dortmund was Christoph Moss, founder of newsroom agency Mediamoss. For years he has been working on one topic: the establishment of newsrooms in companies. In our Digital Masterclass, he explained how newsrooms have to be structured so that companies can prepare and play out topics in a structured way - and not get lost in channel issues. Moss explained exactly how this works and why new communication organisations will gain relevance for companies right now, with many examples and a very precise guide.

You missed the Digital Masterclass on 31 March?

Here you can watch the exciting discussions in full length.

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