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For 17 years now, the B&C Private Foundation has been awarding the domestic "research Oscars" with the Houska Prize. Every year, a multi-page brochure is published in the course of the award. This time, the agency B2IMPACT was able to secure the implementation.


The B&C Private Foundation established the largest private prize for applied research in Austria in 2005 with the aim of promoting research relevant to business and accordingly contributing to strengthening Austria as a business location.

In front of around 300 guests from research and business, the time had come again on 28 April at the Museumsquartier: with the Houska price 2022 All Stars was a festive award ceremony for all those projects that were nominated between 2005 and 2020 and have since achieved the greatest economic success.

This year, just like every year, a multi-page brochure is available at the award ceremony, filled with topics related to the renowned prize. But this year the team from B2IMPACT design the pages.

Creative support for the business location

The awarding of the most important research prize is not only of great importance for science, but for society as a whole. That is why our team set high goals when creating the brochure - to present the importance and quality of domestic inventions not only to experts, but to the wider public.

On the twelve "gilded" pages you will learn everything about the Houska price as well as about this year's prize winners and their innovative inventions. Who are the members of the exclusive club of Houskapreis winners, what does the legend of the Austrian acting scene Hedy Lamarr have to do with research, what challenges does applied research in Austria face and how does the B&C Private Foundation entrepreneurship? Answers to all these questions and other interesting facts about research are hidden in the pages of this brochure.

The stars deserve only the best! That is why we have given the issue dedicated to our golden heads a golden colour. Thus we have given the entire issue a particularly splendid coat of paint that will receive undivided attention even from laymen.

The final product was published on the one hand as a special print and on the other hand as a stapled supplement in INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN. With the brochure for the B&C Private Foundation, the team from B2IMPACT thus support a prestigious prize.

B&C Private Foundation and Houska Prize - the pillars of research excellence

Central task of the B&C Private Foundation is to promote Austrian entrepreneurship. This promotion takes place in particular through long-term oriented participation in Austrian industrial enterprises.

The B&C Private Foundation awards the annual Houska price awards prizes to research projects that are close to the economy and thus relevant to business. With prize money totalling 500,000 euros, the Houska Prize is Austria's largest private research promotion prize.

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