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From vision to reality: The digital journey of the WEBUILD energy saving fair with B2IMPACT


Following successful partnerships in 2022 and 2023, the 2024 WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair in the focus. With the energy transition as its leitmotif, B2IMPACT from WEKA Industrie Medien is once again working behind the scenes to further expand its impressive digital presence.

Over the years, our collaboration has evolved from pure social media support to a holistic digital approach including content creation and optimising the sales funnel for exhibitors. In this way, we not only meet the growing demands of the industry, but also stand by our clients with the best solution.

At a time when digitalisation is the order of the day, we can build on our previous successes, set new standards and continue the digital journey together with Messe Wels.


2024: The success story continues - social media, blog posts and newsletters push the success of the fair


In March 2024, from 6 to 10 March to be precise, the WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair will once again open its doors. As in previous years, the focus will be on the energy transition. As a renowned B2B marketing agency, we have once again been entrusted with strengthening and designing the digital presence of the trade fair.

Social Media & Content: Our task was to target social media with targeted posts and create relevant blog articles. Each post and article was designed to highlight the key messages of the show, engage existing and potential exhibitors, and position the show as the hub of the energy transition as well as an industry meeting place.

WEBUILD and B2IMPACT - LinkedIn Posts 2024

Communication with the exhibitors: Another focus of our work was to support Messe Wels in exhibitor communication. After a comprehensive analysis of all digital communication channels of the WEBUILD, we developed a customised plan for the sales newsletters, which were specifically targeted at potential exhibitors.

At the same time, our marketing newsletters were convincing by advertising exhibitor-relevant services and ensured that the relevant target group was reached by the appropriate message in each case.


WEBUILD and B2IMPACT - Blog - The hotspot for the heat transition


Optimisation of the sales funnel: A central element of our strategy was the development of a Landing page which aims to guide prospects through the entire registration process for an exhibition stand. To ensure a consistent and compelling user experience, we provided both the design and mockup for this site and offered consultative support to the IT department.

The Result of our cooperation is an increased online presence, effective communication with potential exhibitors and an optimised sales funnel that increases the registration rate for exhibition stands.


WEBUILD and B2IMPACT - LinkedIn Post Kick-off


2023: Promoting the energy transition hotspot organically


In 2023, our B2B agency was once again commissioned by Messe Wels to manage the LinkedIn account of the WEBUILD Energiesparmesse Wels, which took place from 1 to 5 March 2023. Our mission was clear: to strengthen the digital presence of the fair and position it as the leading platform in its sector.

Targeted strategyIn close cooperation with Messe Wels, we developed a customised social media strategy. Our focus was on increasing the reach, gaining new followers and pushing interactions.

Design meets content: With our creative and content team, we planned, designed and posted engaging and relevant Contributions for LinkedIn. The contributions were aimed at strengthening the WEBUILD brand and at the same time intensifying the booking of exhibition stands, activating exhibitors for certain actions as well as addressing visitors.

Furthermore, services such as DIGITAL+ and additional services for exhibitors were to be brought to the fore. There were appropriate posts for each phase of the fair.

WEBUILD and B2IMPACT - LinkedIn Posts 2023

Expertise through blogging: An essential part of our strategy focused on writing blog articles on current and relevant topics in the field of energy, sanitation and construction. These articles not only served to underline the importance of the WEBUILD as an industry meeting place - they were also intended to inform and engage current and potential customers.

Topics such as Tiny Houses, heat generation and energy-saving systems were taken up by our specialist editors to present the diversity or depth of the Energy Saving Fair's offering.


WEBUILD and B2IMPACT - Blog - Tiny Houses


Result: Our joint efforts led to a significant increase in visibility (almost 26,000 impressions on LinkedIn), online interactions, growing engagement and a stronger brand presence for the WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair on LinkedIn. The combination of strategic planning, creative design and high quality content at each stage of the fair has proven to be the key to success.


2022: Digital added value - the application of the hybrid trade fair


Between 6 and 10 April 2022, everything revolved around the topics of sustainable building, renewable heating and the modern bathroom at the WEBUILD energy-saving fair Wels KOMPAKT.

With 250 exhibitors on 28,000 square metres, the WEBUILD Energiesparmesse Wels was held as a COMPACT version, but 70,000 visitors still took advantage of the opportunity to finally participate live in an event again. Another 200,000 took advantage of the services on the online platform DIGITAL+.

The social media team of the B2IMPACT agency is proud to have contributed to this sensational result through online marketing support and social media management.

B2IMPACT Social Media Success Story WeBuild Energy Saving Fair

Beatrice Schmidt, Managing Director of WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH, says: "I am personally very pleased - especially after the last two years - to finally be able to support marketing for an event again. My colleagues approached this client assignment with particular motivation and determination, with measurable success and great teamwork with Messe Wels!"


Live in real life. Digitally right in the middle.


The preparations for this began as early as November 2021. The client, Messe Wels, turned to B2IMPACT to bring its idea of a hybrid trade fair to the target group and to encourage as many people as possible to visit the trade fair. A content plan was quickly created, specialist editors were brought in and graphics matching the CI were created.

The topics of the numerous blog posts were wide-ranging: under the motto "In real live. Digitally in the thick of it", the content ranged from general energy prices and bathroom fittings to the latest trends in the building sector and general information about the trade fair. Particularly important to the client was, of course, the promotion of DIGITAL+ - the hybrid platform for the trade fair.

The additional digital benefit of DIGITAL+ included an online platform on which the exhibitors' stands could be visited virtually as early as 15 March. Interested parties could download comprehensive information there in advance, find out about new products, make appointments and much more. Moreover, the fair did not end on 10 April, but remained digitally accessible until the end of May. This made it possible for exhibitors and visitors to benefit from the digital added value of the hybrid concept even afterwards.


"With social media and the like, communication channels are becoming more versatile and, above all, more target group-specific. Anyone who understands online marketing and uses it successfully also knows that experts are needed to play the channels optimally. With B2IMPACT we have found our partner for the WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair, because they prepare and publish our main topics editorially and strategically", so Yvonne Wagner, MA, Advertising Project Manager of the WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair.


About Messe Wels


The Fair Wels has been planning and organising top-class trade fairs and events for over 130 years. 15 halls offer space for every idea and possibilities for events of any size and creativity. At Messe Wels, every event is given the attention it deserves - which means exactly 100 per cent, distributed over 360 degrees! From creative hands-on event management to modern event technology and first-class catering to professional exhibition stand construction.


About the WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair Wels


It is a central event that focuses on renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable as well as innovative building and living. The focus is on rethinking and shaping a future worth living.

With a tradition of already 36 years, the WEBUILD Energy Saving Fair Wels has established itself as a platform for visionaries and pioneers in the fields of construction, sanitation and energy. On this platform, future-proof trends are made tangible and active work is done on a better, innovative future.


About B2IMPACT - Your B2B Marketing Agency


From corporate publishing products to social media campaigns and multimedia marketing strategies - the agency B2IMPACT from WEKA Industrie Medien is an innovation driver in the B2B landscape and catapults its clients' marketing projects to the top - with a lot of passion and a large portion of creativity.

Learn more about our work in the field of Social media and Content marketing or contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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