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Video production without appropriate training or expensive equipment? Is that even possible? The answer is: YES! Our agency manager and art director Nicole Fleck explains in the new episode of "B2B for the earshow to create good videos in a few minutes and with little equipment.


Nothing captures the attention of your target group more than videos. In addition, they strengthen the personal relationship with your company. Writing high-quality blog articles and creating podcasts are essential in a content marketing strategy, but with moving images you not only convey the desired message, but achieve much more - trust, greater visibility, relevance and last but not least - good ROI.

But the question arises - how can you create good videos if you are not a professional in the matter? What equipment do you need and where can you get ideas? Nicole answers these and many other questions in our podcast.

But that is by far not all! Those who would like to try out her valuable tips & tricks in practice could attend her free online workshop on 25.10.2022 at 10 a.m. participate. You can find a summary of these under the Video production tips.

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