B2B Marketing Glossary

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Do you actually know what is important in native advertising, why brand awareness is also crucial in B2B marketing and why customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex, especially in the B2B sector?

In our glossary you can find out this and much more. All terms and definitions from the world of B2B marketingcollected in one place for you.

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If you download this glossary, then you have followed our Call to Action and - thank you for that - ensure a high conversion rate with our Evergreen Content: This sentence already contains three of 40 basic terms of B2B marketing, which we explain in detail in our new glossary.

And that's not all: for many of the terms, such as content marketing, native advertising or personas, you will also find short tips and advice. Read how you can best use the methods described in B2B marketing.

What we present to you here is not only a glossary for B2B marketing, but also a guide. It will make it easier for you to set up your B2B campaigns and perhaps avoid one or two pitfalls - and to keep an overview in an industry where terms are often played bingo.

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