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Every day, companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and Co. as their main battlefields, where they fight for customers with their marketing bravado. But finding potential clients amid all the digital noise and standing out as a company from the competition is becoming increasingly difficult. Good old sales can save the day, however.


Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Without one, the other cannot fully achieve the desired effect. In practice, this means that sales is an indispensable marketing companion on all digital platforms, especially on social networks.

In the B2B sector, the LinkedIn-platform immeasurable opportunities to find customers, get in touch with them and maintain a trusting relationship with them. In addition to high-quality and relevant content, you can also offer your customers personalised support on LinkedIn. And that's where Sales-Expert:in steps up to the front line. In other words - where Marketing When a company reaches its limits, distribution comes into play.

Harald Fischer, Media Consultant for two trade magazines of the WEKA Industry Media - AUTlook and DISPO - talks about LinkedIn as a valuable sales platform and gives unique tips and tricks for practice that will bring your business new customers and many other benefits.

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