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Of oxygen, special gases and lead generation


What do oxygen, specialty gases and lead generation have in common? You may be asking yourself this question now that you have read the title. The answer is quite simple: nothing at all - unless you are a professional in the field. Content marketing.

From a journalistic point of view, there are topics that are easy to work on. The connections are quickly explained, complexity is a foreign word and the illustrations live on bright colours and a cheerful mood. However, when it comes to the supreme discipline of journalism, i.e. the complete opposite of what has just been described, experts who know their subject inside out have to get to work.

In order to generate more leads for its website, Messer Austria, an internationally active producer of oxygen, nitrogen, specialty gases and much more, went in search of an agency that could Content for your blog on the topic of industrial gases. Subsequently, new leads were to be generated within the company's social community.


Messer Austria and B2IMPACT - Blog - Beverage gases


Messer Austria quickly found what it was looking for at B2Impact. The B2B know-how of our trade journalists, which has grown over many years, coupled with fresh knowledge from the areas of digital campaigns and digital media, provided Messer with a 25 % increase in leads and a continuous wealth of high-quality content for the blog within six months.


How we help you get more leads too


"B2Impact understood exactly what it was all about and what content I needed for my inbound marketing," Jürgen Steiner, Head of Marketing & Communications at Messer Austria, is convinced by our work and adds: "The collaboration was very structured and organised. At the latest when I saw the content plan and the link strategy visualised in front of me, I knew B2Impact understood me."

Our approach to this: In order to be able to start with the conceptual design, it is important for us to know what the client's goals are, what the target group's needs are and what we can do to help the client.

In a meeting, our first step is to work out the answers to these questions together with the client. In a second step, we plunge into concept development. We juggle ideas, our creative synapses run at full speed and we break down the client's input into the individual marketing tools such as social media posts, topic blogs, white papers or e-books for lead generation.


Messer Austria and B2IMPACT - E-Book - Food gases


The finished product is presented to the client. At the start of the campaign, we create schedules in consultation with our client, deliver the topics, the image and video material and the finished texts. SEO optimisation of the articles is particularly important to us. For this, we start a thorough research of the relevant keywords in advance. The texts are then sorted by pillar and cluster. In the course of the campaign and after each milestone, regular customer meetings take place for updates, suggestions for improvement, feedback and points of criticism in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

We are of course particularly proud of positive feedback from our customers, as in the case of Messer Austria: "I think that when it comes to content from the industry for the industry, there are only a few providers apart from B2Impact who manage to achieve such high quality," says Jürgen Steiner.


Messer Austria and B2IMPACT - Blog - Technical Gases


Messer Austria: A brief company history


The Knife company can look back on a long company history: As early as 1908, the Austro-Hungarian Oxygen Works built an industrial gas plant for the production of oxygen and other compressed gases. At that time, these were mainly used for welding and cutting.

Today, almost all industrial sectors, the health sector as well as research and science benefit from the products and application technologies. The company generated around 56 million euros in Austria in 2020 and is represented in all relevant markets in Europe, Asia and America. Global sales amounted to 3,128 million euros in 2020. Messer can boast seven locations and over 70 gas centres in this country, which ensure a reliable supply of industrial gas to its customers. This is ensured by 175 employees.

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