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Do you actually know when Chicken Curry Day is this year and when we can all look forward to Popcorn Day? No? You don't have to. But you do need to know: This year alone, there will be more than 500 theme days and B2B events such as trade fairs, which offer golden opportunities for theme setting for your marketing. These marketing calendars make content planning a little easier.

That the sweatpants day on 21 January is for your B2B marketing is an important event in whose thematic crease one can spread one's own themes, we doubt it. Likewise, that Old Things Day on 2 March is the right date to celebrate the achievements of one's development department in a Social media campaign to appreciate.

But many of the - altogether around 500 theme days and trade fairs in the German-speaking world - could also be a thematic platform for you to either use corresponding hashtags on (B2B) Social Media-platforms or directly in your Content Hub to play your topics. For example, "Data Protection Day", "World Cities Day" or "World Environment Day" would be a good way to address relevant B2B topics.

We have listed some of the most useful marketing calendars for you here, so that you can also plan your campaigns in good time.


Marketing calendar



Twitter published Regularly a calendar with important eventstrending among users of the social platform. Some of these events are also suitable for B2B companies for Twitter campaigns. Twitter has prepared its own event calendar for different markets.



PR-Gateway is a free service for the distribution of press releases. The now published PR calendar not only informs about themed events such as the "Day of Animal Biscuits", but also about all important B2B trade fairs or events useful for one's own PR, such as World Water Day.

You can download the PR calendar download here free of charge.



Clearvoice, a provider of content marketing campaign management software, has published a really nice guide on how to prepare your own content for relevant events. You can read the guide here.  



On the open PR portal, you can not only get the information about the most important dates by month, but also a list of all relevant PR and marketing events. You can find the list here.


B2B Event Calendar Eventwrap


A specific B2B event calendar is an indispensable tool for your marketing. It enables structured and forward-looking planning of marketing activities and campaigns. By being informed about relevant industry events, trade fairs and conferences at an early stage, you can specifically tailor your communication and marketing measures to them.

Such a calendar serves as a guide in the often overwhelming marketing landscape. With it, you can ensure that no important event is overlooked, which serves as a platform for networking, lead generation and strengthening your Brand could serve.

A comprehensive overview of the B2B events of the year in Austria can be found at, the business event calendar.




Marketing calendars are essential tools to realise the full potential of your B2B marketing efforts. By knowing and targeting relevant theme days, trade fairs and conferences early on, you can maximise your visibility and brand presence. Thanks to B2B marketing calendars, you use resources efficiently and ensure that your marketing activities are maximally effective at the optimal time. With the right selection and use of these events, you not only strengthen your brand, but also create authentic encounters with your audience.

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