Why graphic design is an indispensable part of marketing strategy

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The versatility of the use of Graphic Design should not be underestimated. Because no, graphic design is not just a logo and a snazzy background.Ā 


The spectrum ranges from design of the web and Social media-appearance via Banners and flyers up to elaborate Print products and Video productions and impressive animations.

Game Changer

The use of professional graphic design can be decisive for the success or failure of a campaign or launch of a new product. You can sometimes reach completely new target groups with this tool and create unique wow moments in lead generation. Do you really want to miss out on this?

Anchor effect

Large companies and their brands have long benefited from the weight of a firmly anchored Brandings and a forward-looking design guide. Determining colour and design schemes has an involuntary impact on recognisability and building a brand fan base. For example, look at illustrated ads that are totally reduced to gold and red and explain to me how you don't have to think about McDonald's fries and burgers.

For years, a resounding, strict but nevertheless very creatively interpretable corporate identity was pursued here. This is also where the creative booster comes into play by restricting the graphic guidelines. The smaller the scope of a design, the more likely graphic designers are to try to find loopholes and fruitful interpretations here. You have a corporate design manual that I'm sure I won't crack with my team? Challenge accepted! šŸ˜‰

Evangelist of the details

Nobody shows more attention to detail and is more "superficial" than a professional graphic designer. Basically, effective design means that someone here appreciates professionalism - as well as the years of experience that go along with it and the high degree of reduction or just consciously applied richness of detail. The variety of applications is almost endless and yet often only a few paths lead to success. Which way do you want to go?

Timeless on the road, always up-to-date

I always see the corporate designs that I create with my team and look after over the years as children that grow first and become richer through experience. A CI that has no possibilities for the influence of current trends or for a creative venture, I personally feel is weak and unfortunately also soon "worn out".

This is where a redesign or rebranding can help to refresh the status of a once successful brand and also guarantee the longevity of products. The dynamic use of professional design is the first step back to success.

As an example, I can also think of the LĆ¼rzer archive I'm reminded of the very often praised, diverse and often minimalist advertisements of that famous red and gold brand. Whether I am a fan of McDonalds am? Not at all. But I do have respect for the creative people involved in realising these professional performances.

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Nicole Fleck
Head of Agency Austria & Senior Art Director - In addition to agency management, Nicole is also Senior Art Director at WEKA Industrie Medien. She has a wealth of experience and expertise in graphics, video, print production, marketing and web design. For our commissions, she takes on project management and creative direction. Nicole.Fleck@b2impact.com
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