Success Story Allergopharma: Do you speak technical jargon?

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We do! And we're happy to translate for you and your customers. Read here how we helped the company Allergopharma make boring explainer videos go viral for their target group.


Allergies are unpleasant - no question about it. Even more unpleasant, however, are seemingly endless and boring explanatory videos about the symptoms and the possibilities for alleviating them in awkward technical jargon. Even doctors or health care professionals who deal with allergies in their daily work find it difficult to concentrate on the content of dryly prepared content. This experience was also made Allergopharma, a provider of so-called allergen immunotherapy (AIT) products from Germany, who wanted to generate additional leads among doctors with its explanatory videos on a new, clinically relevant topic regarding allergies.

An end to dry content

Thanks to the specific expertise accumulated over the years in our publisher we are trained experts in presenting dry and complex content in an exciting and creative way. Fortunately, the numerous successes that our clients have already celebrated as a result made the rounds in the industry, and so Allergopharma ended up in the first Zoom meeting with us through recommendations from colleagues in Austria.

The task was quickly defined: Splitting a complex topic into three explanatory videos, in which the entertainment factor was not to be neglected. The videos were to appear in both German and English. In agile coordination with the client, a concept for the sequence of the videos with a recognition factor was created, which was immediately enthusiastic. The recording of the footage took place in our in-house TV studio with green screen. Video editing, sound mixing, 2D and 3D animations as well as intro and outro animations were included on top.

Click numbers: From 0 to 300

The campaign started at the beginning of April 2022 and the films were already clicked more than before after a short time, as André Lohmeier, Manager Marketing Germany at Allergopharma, also confirms: "No previous video production has had so many clicks in such a short time. From the planning, the drafts to the result, we are very satisfied and the cooperation with the team from B2IMPACT was a lot of fun for us". André Lohmeier was particularly impressed by the absolutely reliable scheduling.

Specifically, Allergopharma was able to record 300 more views than similar projects within a few months. "And that is a lot for us in Germany. Thanks to the perfect implementation, the films are well received by our sales force and the colleagues enjoy working with them with their potential customers, the doctors," says André Lohmeier. Would he also recommend us to others? "Definitely, because B2IMPACT is a reliable partner and delivers high-quality results."

B2B Pharma Marketing

Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, there are strict legal requirements that must be observed when developing a pharmaceutical marketing strategy. We know what matters and define the campaign goals with you and then develop a customised pharmaceutical marketing concept.


Brief insight into the company Allergopharma

Allergopharma has more than 50 years of experience in researching and treating allergies and is a leading provider of allergen immunotherapy (AIT). The company was founded in 1969 by Joachim Ganzer and the pharmaceutical company Hermal. Allergopharma has its own locations in the D-A-CH region, China, Spain and 3rd-party distributors in various countries such as Korea and Poland. The company currently has 340 to 350 employees.

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