Budget win: Heat Pump Association Austria and AIR FIRE TECH

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Verband Wärmepumpe Austria (WPA) and the fire protection company AIR FIRE TECH: we are expanding our customer portfolio.


The Heat Pump Association Austria is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a big ceremony in June. To mark the occasion, the association has organised the Unit Corporate Publishing the agency B2IMPACT was entrusted with the planning and realisation of the over 100-page anniversary book. The fire protection company AIR FIRE TECH again trusts in the Social media expertise of the B2B agency and puts its LinkedIn presence entirely in the hands of the creative minds.

Fun facts for industry insiders

If you think that the heat pump is a modern heating and cooling system of the modern age, you are wrong. For its beginnings date back to the 18th century and can be found in our own country. Packing interesting and curious facts like these into entertaining stories, as well as looking beyond the end of one's nose, surprises even the most experienced experts and is just one of the strengths of the experts at B2Impact.

This is exactly what convinced the Heat Pump Association of Austria of the concept for the anniversary volume. Association President Richard Freimüller: "Our anniversary volume for the tenth anniversary of our foundation is naturally very close to our hearts. Reliability and competence in the implementation of this project were therefore two important decision criteria for us. Both points were confirmed by the experts from B2IMPACT fulfilled brilliantly in our opinion."

Out of the box!

"Thinking outside the box": This was the basis of the social media creative concept for AIR FIRE TECH - another new client in B2IMPACT's portfolio. "We received very professional advice and were soon aware that we would be better off outsourcing the entire implementation of our LinkedIn presence to B2IMPACT," says Uwe Stefani, Managing Partner of AIR FIRE TECH. "The internal workload would have led to a much longer implementation timeframe. We are glad to have taken this step in this way, see the action as fully implemented in our sense and thank the B2IMPACT team for all the input, which is now successfully confirmed."


About Association Heat Pump Austria

The Heat Pump Association Austria (WPA) is an industry association based in Linz that covers the entire value chain. The association was formed in spring 2012 through the merger of the former "Bundesverband Wärmepumpe" and the "Leistungsgemeinschaft Wärmepumpe". Currently, more than 90 % of all heat pump manufacturers in Austria, all electricity supply companies through the "Österreichs Energie" association and supplier and drilling companies are organised through the WPA.



Preventive fire protection saves human lives and protects buildings and facilities from destruction by fire and smoke. AIR FIRE TECH develops and produces partitioning for ventilation, sanitary heating, drywall construction and electrical systems. The basis of the company's philosophy is continuous in-house development work in order to find individual and cost-effective solutions for customers, taking into account simple and fast installation work on the building site.

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