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Define your target group

Successful content marketing is based on the sentence: Get to know your target group! Do you know where your customers are? What are they looking for on the internet? What problems they have and what they need? With dedicated analyses and trends in user behaviour, you can design a content marketing persona that tells you all this. A persona describes a fictitious person who gives a typical customer a profile and a concrete face. It is thus a part of a target group that helps to qualitatively understand the needs, challenges or actions of the potential user. Without a solid persona, you may not even be aware of the type of content your audience wants to consume. A well-defined persona can help you create a better marketing plan in the long run and target your marketing campaigns and offers to the right audience. In our workshop, you will learn how to gather valuable information about your target audience and turn it into quality content and ultimately into successful marketing strategy.

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Why a Persona Workshop?

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Together we develop customer profiles that help you to better understand your customers


Defined personas enable you to target your sales specifically at your customers

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